Keizersgracht again

Damn lamposts. Though a pretty good achilles stretch after 36km yesterday.

Running notes
Route: My flat to Keizersgracht Street for the 30 mins fartlek session and back
Time started: 10:15
Total time: 30 mins
Total distance: 4.5km
Weather conditions: Mild
Temperature: 27˚
Runner’s condition: Didn’t have the energy or the inclination to do a treadmill and spin session at the gym so I didn’t bother.


Second race of 2011: Red Hill Classic (36km)

Every year I do this race and every year I forget how hard it is. Today I used my New Year’s resolution of slacking off a bit, and selected to make it a little less hard by picking the 36km rather than the marathon distance. Or as Steve shouted to all and sundry as he passed me at the 3km marker, I was running the ‘Gay Hill’ rather than the ‘Red Hill’. Yes indeedy.

I ran the marathon last year and hated every second of it, if I wasn’t the control freak that most of my acquaintances know me to be I would have given up and walked home. I swore then I’d never do it again, I’d rather line up at the start of the Death Valley UltraMarathon (reputably the toughest, most likely to kill you race on the face of the Earth) than run this again. The 36km still follows the same route, it just doesn’t make you run the soul destroying 3km out and back.

I still hated every second of the 36km, but its 6000m closer to the finish line and thats all that counts.

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Race notes
Route: Start Fish Hoek, Kommetjie, Scarborough, Red hill, Simonstown to Fish Hoek
Height climbed: 420m
Time started: 06:00
Total time: 3:28
Total distance: 36km
Weather conditions: A South Easter with a force capable of sucking the life out of any breathing thing
Temperature: 23˚
Runner’s condition: Ready to give up in the middle, but a pep talk and some strong painkillers rallied the troops.


Hill torture

I can’t even think of a swearword that would come close to my training session this morning.

It took 55 minutes for me to convince my body to get out the door (I knew this would happen so I set the alarm for 5am) and onto the street. Usually when this happens I roll over and get another hour of shut eye, but today I forced myself. This was my first mistake, because after I managed to get out in the fresh air it just got worse.

My legs just wouldn’t work.

You know those pampered pooches on the promenade that have to be carried because otherwise their scrawny necks would snap if their doting owners dragged them along by their leashes? It was a bit like that. And my arse still hurts from those lunges on Sunday – how the %£@! is that possible?

So not only did I have to endure the hell of 5 (the evil plan slapped another one on this week) hill repeats that would have made Dante’s eyes bleed, I had to do it twice as bloody slow.

Running notes
Route: My flat to Bellevue Street, 800m hill repeats at 30% x 5
Time started: 5:55am
Total time: 1:45
Total distance: 13km ish
Temperature: 20˚



Managed a good sprint up to the Cable Station – a bit slow on the rest of the run.

Running notes
Route: Kloof Nek car park to the Lower Cable Station turn at the end of the tarmac on Tafelberg Road and back
Height climbed: 180m
Time started: 17:45
Total time: 1:20
Total distance: 12.5km
Weather conditions: Light breeze
Temperature: 25˚
Runner’s condition: Good


3 days in one

So because I couldn’t get up on Thursday, and then it was windy (40kmph gales) on Friday I had to do three training sessions this morning. Sigh. Then I got all energised and did 50 lunges with 6kg weights and now I can’t sit down in a chair.

Running notes
Route: My flat to Keizersgracht Street for the 30 mins fartlek session, run to the gym for a 25 minute speed session on the treadmill followed by a 30 minute spin class and topped off with lunges.
Time started: 08:10
Total time: 2:00
Total distance: 10km
Weather conditions: Warm
Temperature: 27˚
Runner’s condition: Surprisingly okay


First Chappies run of the season

20.5km mostly uphill, but the view was fantastic. The chocolate milkshake in Dunes cafe afterwards was even better.

Running notes
Route: Car park opposite The Chapman’s Peak Hotel to the farmstall in Noordhoek and back
Height climbed: 380m
Time started: 06:30
Total time: 2:07
Total distance: 20.5km
Weather conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 24˚