How much do you want it?

27 minutes.

Doesn’t sound like a lot does it? But right now its the only thing  that is going to make me go back and line up again on 29 May. To break ten hours I’ve got 5 months and more than 1000km of training runs, getting up at the crack of dawn to race, and finally 89km of pain and exhaustion you can’t possibly believe you can tolerate in the small hope I can run 27 minutes faster than last year.

Stupid? Probably. So I grit my teeth and ask myself ‘How much do you want it?’ Because however tired and crap I feel right now its nothing in comparison to THE RACE.

Running notes
Route: My flat to Keizersgracht Street – 20 minute fartlek session: 4 lamp post sprints followed by 3 lamp posts slow. Repeat again and again.
Height climbed: None
Time started: 20:00
Total time: 0:30
Total distance: 5km
Temperature: 33˚
Weather: Hot


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