Bloody hell (well it was hot)

The evil plan bumped those dreaded hill repeats up to 800m long this morning. I measured the distance on Google Maps and had to run 200m up Kloof Nek as well. The Bergie lounging on the corner must have thought I was mad, and for once I probably smelt worse than him. Four of these sodding repeats took an hour to do so by the time I was on the last one I was concerned about dropping dead. Not joking.

Running notes
Route: My flat to Bellevue Street, 800m hill repeats at 30% x 4
Height climbed: Mwah ha ha ha!
Time started: 5:45am
Total time: 1:35
Total distance: 11km ish
Temperature: 38˚
Weather: Possibly hot enough to melt my running shoes to the tarmac. More of the same tomorrow…


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