Weekly Stats


1157km from 1 January

20. W/c Saturday 25 May
Total distance: 7.5km

19. W/c Saturday 17 May
Total distance: 20km

19. W/c Saturday 10 May
Race: Slave Route (10km)
Total distance: 30km

18. W/c Saturday 3 May
Total distance: 40km

17. W/c Saturday 26 April
Total distance: 60km

16. W/c Saturday 19 April
Race: Two Oceans Marathon (56km)
Total distance: 65km

15. W/c Saturday 12 April
Total distance: 50km

14. W/c Saturday 5 April
Race: Spar Ladies (10km)
Total distance: 80km (killer week – intensity)

13. W/c Saturday 29 March
Race: Tygerberg (30km)
Total distance: 57km

12. W/c Saturday 22 March
Total distance: 55km

11. W/c Saturday 15 March
Total distance: 75km

10. W/c Saturday 8 March
Total distance: 49km

9. W/c Saturday 1 March
Race: Century City (10km)
Total distance: 70km

8. W/c Saturday 22 February
Total distance: 50km

7. W/c Saturday 15 February
Race: Peninsula (42km)
Total distance: 100km (killer week – distance)

6. W/c Saturday 8 February
Race: Top Form (10km)
Total distance: 40km

5. W/c Saturday 1 February
Total distance: 83km

4. W/c Saturday 25 January
Race: Kloof Nek Classic (21km)
Total distance: 63km

3. W/c Saturday 18 January
Total distance: 77km

2. W/c Saturday  11 January
Total distance: 46km (60km if you count the hike)

1. W/c Saturday 4 January
Total distance: 40km



1281km from 1 January

20. W/c Saturday 14 May
Total distance: 38.5km

19. W/c Saturday 7 May
Total distance: 26km

18. W/c Saturday 30 April
Total distance: 45km

17. W/c Saturday 23 April
Total distance: 79km

16. W/c Saturday 16 April
Total distance: 55.5km

15. W/c Saturday 9 April
Total distance: 66.5km

14. W/c Saturday 2 April
Total distance: 73km

13. W/c Saturday 26 March
Total distance: 100km

12. W/c Saturday 19 March
Total distance: 71.5km

11. W/c Saturday 12 March
Total distance: 87.5km
Race: Worcester 30km

10. W/c Saturday 5 March
Total distance: 80.5km

9. W/c Saturday 26 February
Total distance: 65km

8. W/c Saturday 19 February
Total distance: 71km
Race: Peninsula marathon 42km

7. W/c Saturday 12 February
Total distance: 60.5k

6. W/c Saturday 5 February
Total distance: 59.5km

5. W/c Saturday 29 January
Total distance: 43km
Race: Kloof Nek Classic 21km

4. W/c Saturday 22 January
Total distance: 70.5km
Race: Red Hill 36km

3. W/c Saturday 15 January
Total distance: 73.5km

2. W/c Saturday 8 January
Total distance: 53.5km
Race: Bay to Bay 30km

1. W/c Saturday 1 January
Total distance: 59.5km



1361km from 1 January to 23 May

Week 20: Commencing Monday 17 May
Total distance: 50.5km
Total time: 5:02
Height climbed: ?
Runner’s weight: 67.95kg

Week 19: Commencing Monday 10 May
Total distance: 71.5km
Total time: 8:30
Height climbed:
Runner’s weight:

Week 18: Commencing Monday 3 May
Total distance: 57km
Total time:
Height climbed:
Runner’s weight:

Week 17: Commencing Monday 26 April
Total distance: 91km 
Total time:
Height climbed:
Runner’s weight:
Four Hills for Lindsay (56km)

Week 16: Commencing Monday 19 April
Total distance: 91.5km
Total time:
Height climbed:
Runner’s weight:

Week 15: Commencing Monday 12 April
Total distance: 92km 
Total time:
Height climbed:
Runner’s weight:

Week 14: Commencing Monday 5 April
Total distance: 35.5km(injured)
Total time:
Height climbed:
Runner’s weight:

Week 13: Commencing Monday 29 March
Total distance: 94.5km
Total time:
Height climbed:
Runner’s weight:
Two Oceans Marathon (56km)

Week 12: Commencing Monday 22 March
Total distance: 79km
Total time: 9:44:21
Height climbed: 800m
Runner’s weight: 70.20kg

Week 11: Commencing Monday 15 March
Total distance: 74.59km
Total time: 7:57:21
Height climbed: 180m?
Runner’s weight: ?

Week 10: Commencing Monday 8 March
Total distance: 79.09km
Total time: 7:42:05
Height climbed: 180m?
Runner’s weight: ?

Week 9: Commencing Monday 1 March
Total distance: 46.5km
Total time: 5:00
Height climbed: ?
Runner’s weight: ?

Week 8: Commencing Monday 22 February
Total distance: 57.5km
Totaltime: 6:24
Height climbed: 180m?
Runner’s weight: ?

Week 7: Commencing Monday 15 February
Total distance: 81.29km
Total time: 7:55:43
Height climbed: 680m
Runner’s weight: ?
Race: Peninsula Marathon (42.2km)

Week 6: Commencing Monday 8 February
Total distance: 71.94km
Total time: 6:54:22
Height climbed: 780m
Runner’s weight: 70.15kg

Week 5: Commencing Monday 1 February
Total distance: 70.98km
Total time: 6:52:12
Height climbed: 850m
Runner’s weight: 69.8kg

Week 4: Commencing Monday 25 January
Total distance: 77.95km
Total time: 7:39:02
Height climbed: 900m
Runner’s weight: 70.35kg (lets hope that increase is muscle)
Race: Kloof Nek Classic Half Marathon (21km)

Week 3: Commencing Monday 18 January
Total distance: 66.56km
Total time: 6:56:53
Height climbed: 600m
Runner’s weight: 70.2kg
Race: Red Hill Marathon (42km)

Week 2: Commencing Monday 11 January
Total distance: 75.96km
Total time: 8:03:27
Height climbed: 660m
Runner’s weight: 71.4kg

Week 1: Commencing Monday 4 January
Total distance: 67.72km
Total time: 6:55:26
Height climbed: 560m
Runner’s weight: 72.6kg
Race: Bay to Bay (30km)


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