Oh my favourite: Hill repeats

So in order to never have to do THE RACE again (because if I get a sub 10 I’m never going back), I got myself a new plan. One that I paid for. The theory being if you pay money for something you’ll do it. Today I’ve got hill repeats. Last year you’ll notice I used Bellevue Street and ran 200m climbs 10 times. This year I’m doing it again, but according to the plan its 600m repeats at oh, a 30% incline (which is still Bellevue). If you want to experience nausea, a shortage of breath and a sweaty mess all at the same time, I’d recommend having a go. The plan says to run gently or almost walk  back to the start – Walk? By the time I get to the top I can’t even think let alone move, my heart is pounding so hard I think its breaking out of my chest and if it wasn’t for the traffic I’d be better off rolling downhill.

Running notes
Route: My flat to Bellevue Street, hill repeats x 4 and then home via Buitengracht
Height climbed: Seriously?
Time started: 10:30
Total time: 1:20 ish
Total distance: 11km ish
Temperature: 25˚
Weather: Wet and miserable – bit like my attitude


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