New shoes!

The old ones have had it. After the 100km week I’d started to feel the grit on the pavement through the soles, I’ve also picked up a sore muscle over my left hip so it was time. Ideally I wanted to get new shoes no more than 6-8 weeks out from Comrades. Enough time to wear them in but not enough time to wear them out. I might have to buy another pair now. Damn. Shoes only last 600-800km. I bought the last ones in late August, so I know I’ve done 1200-1300km in those and the hip is telling me I should have bought new ones in January. Oh well, it’s just that they are so bloody expensive.

The man in the shop told me ‘don’t worry you’ll get used to them soon enough’. But, I’m spending R1300 on a set of running shoes that I don’t like the colour of! I’d never dream of paying that for a pair of leather shoes that would probably outlive me, yet here I am dropping a ton of cash on a pair that are so bright you’ll see them coming before I do. Will they make me go faster? No. Will they my me look good? No. Will they be my constant companions over the next 4 months? Yes. Will they get me to the start line of The Comrades Marathon? Yes. So, quit bitching, put them on and get outside.

Running notes:
Route: My house – Kloof Nek – Camps Bay Drive to 7/11 – Kloof Nek – Signal Hill – Kloof Nek – My house
Distance: 21km (Okay, the new bright shoes felt really nice)


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