Race No.4: Century City (10km)

I’m not going to lie to you, I did go out to beat the PB I got at Top Form 10km three weeks ago. I just can’t help myself.

I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t considering:
a) I ran the Peninsula Marathon two weeks ago and ‘they’ do say it takes at least 6 weeks for a marathon to leave the legs. Remember, the international elite marathon crew never do more than two a year and those boys are doing 150-200km a week in training.
b) I followed the Peninsula up with a 100km training week
c) I didn’t sleep well due to the bergies on the street having a fat conversation about god knows what at 3am
d) The start was a shambles

But I did come in at 46:58! So given the points above, not bad at all and only 13 seconds slower than my PB. Pretty happy with that as it demonstrates my training is going well and I’m managing to pace consistently. Speaking of which, I had two complete strangers stop me in the finishing chute, one slapped me on the back and the other shook my hand, to tell me that they’d stuck with me in the last kms in order to get a good time. This is not the first time its happened, but at least these guys weren’t breathing down my neck. There is absolutely nothing worse than being shadowed on a race. You can see them in the corner of your eye but they never overtake, you move to the right, they move to the right. Argh! Anyway, next time I’m going to take a sign out saying ‘Carpenter’s pacing bus R20’.

Running Notes:
Route: Couple of loops around Century City and Canal Walk Mall
Distance: 10km
Time: 46:58


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