56 days later and I’ve bought another new pair of shoes

The paranoia is coming on.

I can feel it. Happens every time I run this race. About a month out I begin to have an unnatural fear of twisting my ankle, falling over, doing too much mileage, other people’s germs, door handles, diseased children etc. Yesterday I woke up and needed new shoes. I’ve worn the others for 8 weeks now (bought them at the beginning of March) which means, including yesterday’s run, they’ve done 511km. They still look new but are actually f***ed. The uppers are feeling less supportive and the midsole is thinning. So I go and spend another R1300 yesterday on the same shoe just navy blue. ‘Ouch’ said my bank balance, but my Comrades feet at 75km will thank me for it. I’ll run them in right up to the race which should give me approximately 140km. The old ones aren’t dead yet, still got at least 300km in them, but like I said paranoia is making the decisions now.

Running notes:
My house – Kloof Nek – Signal Hill – Kloof Nek – My house
Distance: 15km (damn those shoes felt good)


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