Centurions on Saturday. Could be the last one

It’s a tough old 20km on the legs up Rhodes Drive and through Cecilia Forest. Wow, did I bitch for the first half, I didn’t realise just how tired I was after Oceans last week. Luckily everyone else had run it too so we were all moaning about our sad heavy legs. Beautiful run though as ever, but a good reminder for me just how long a heavy run or a big mileage week takes to disappear even after the noticeable stiffness or soreness has gone. Got to be disciplined now, with 5 weeks to go I need to balance recovering from Oceans with enough mileage to keep me ticking over and then the correct amount of tapering to ensure I’m a coiled spring on the start line. Many runners mess up their Comrades in the last few weeks by doing too much. Got to stay focussed on the plan.

Running Notes
UCT – M3 – Kirstenbosch Top Gate – Cecelia Forest – Constantia Nek – Cecelia Forest – Kirstenbosch Gardens – Rhodes Drive – M3 – UCT
Distance: 20km



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