I ran 1000km this morning

Well not exactly this morning, but my 5km leg stretch contributed to the total distance from 1 January.

You’d think this milestone would encourage me to bounce out of bed and get my running shoes on. Nope, I laid there in the dark staring at the ceiling. I didn’t run or exercise at all on Sunday or Wednesday and now I can’t get out of bed to do a tiny 5km leg stretch. Made it out and it was great – what was I waiting for? No muscle tightness or joint soreness, so we’re all good to start again properly on Saturday (I’ll have another day off tomorrow in light of the nice tidy number with lots of zeros).

Oh and just for interest’s sake, I looked up a 1000km radius from London. The internet told me that is the equivalent of running to Berlin, Prague or Marseille. And from Cape Town? The only place that popped up was Mthatha.

Running notes
Route: My house – Camp Street – Buitengracht Street – Wale Street – My house
Distance: 5km


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