Back to the gym

Sadly my card still worked despite not having been to Wembley Square in oh, about 6 weeks. The gym was roasting. I’d actually faffed round the flat for nearly an hour and a half after work waiting for the gym to empty out and hoping that it would get cooler. If anyone has been to Wembley Square you’ll know it has a metal roof (which blew off on 14th December – classic Faircape construction!) and Virgin Active has a rubbish air con system.  It never fails to amaze me that the vents are positioned just behind the running machines, you can see them, you just can’t feel them. So yep, I sweated buckets. The evil plan said 20 mins easy either side of 9 hill repeats of 2 minutes each, it didn’t say whether I got a break between – I was pretty generous with a minute because it was either that or cardiac arrest.

Running notes
Route: Gym
Height climbed: 9 x 2 minute hill repeats (3 at 5 incline 10 speed, 3 at 5 incline 9 speed and 3 at 5 incline 8.5 speed)
Time started: 18:49
Total time: 1:08:39
Total distance: 11:39km
Average pace: 6:01 min/km
Temperature: Outside 37˚ (inside Wembley Square probably 45˚)
Runner’s condition: Tired
Runner’s weight: 72.6kg (4kg heavier than last time I looked)
Song of the run: Love in the First Degree: Bananarama


Day one of ‘the plan’

God the first working day of the year, not a bad one, afterall the office is so dead I didn’t have much to do, but the issue with that is that doesn’t half drag. I’ve been a member of Atlantic Athletic Club (AAC) for over two years now. Whilst I know people train themselves for long distance (which I think starts at marathon length) I have no idea how you can motivate yourself for long months of training without the help and spirit of a running club. The best thing about clubs is the majority of members are better than you. Been there done that, and got multiple hideous race t-shirts in the cupboard. So when you are hyperventilating over your first marathon or half, there will always being a calm voice in your ear giving you advice. There is nothing like getting the club’s praise and attention once you’ve completed your first race, got a PB or gone further than you thought possible.

Running notes
Route: Kloof Nek car park to the Lower Cable Station turn at the end of the tarmac on Tafelberg Road and back
Height climbed: 180m
Time started: 15:48
Total time: 1:33:06
Total distance: 13.28km
Average pace: including stops 7:00 min/km
Weather conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 26˚
Runner’s condition: Whinging


When is this going to get better?

What a lovely run on last night’s diet of beer, wine, gin and tonic and pizza. Sheer hell, but at least I didn’t stop on the hill.

Running notes
Route: My flat on Buitenkant Street to the tap at Kloof Nek and back
Height climbed: 200m
Time started: 08:07
Total time: 50:44
Total distance: 8.71km
Average pace: 5:49 min/km
Weather conditions: Cloudy with light drizzle
Temperature: 20˚
Runner’s condition: Poor
Song of the run: Heart of Glass – Blondie


Oh the pain!

First club run of the year. My Saturdays always start with a groan as the alarm goes off at 6am (much worse when its dark and I’ve had a few beverages the night before). My club Atlantic Athletic does a great Saturday morning run from Camps Bay along the coast road up to Suikerbossie, generally about 18km with stunning sea views. Today we had a small and somewhat lazy turn out and decided that we couldn’t possibly manage more than the gate at Oudekraal. This decision probably saved my life and the rest of my crew listening to me whining.

Running notes
Route: Sand Bar, Camps Bay to Oudekraal and back
Height climbed: 60m
Time started: 07:00
Total time: 1:15
Total distance: 11km ish (not measured with Nike+ as I forgot to switch it on)
Average pace: 6:30 including stops
Weather conditions: Cloudy and some sun
Temperature: 22˚
Runner’s condition: Out of breath


If I can’t run today then I’m never going to finish this race: 149 days to go

Two stiff gin and tonics, one tom collins, one cosmopolitan, one Amaretto, one Windhoek, two glasses of champagne and some more gin. Add to that one red eye flight from Heathrow and you’ve got a great recipe for a run the next day. By the time I hauled myself out of bed at 12.30, well I started thinking about it at 12.30 it took another hour to actually achieve, the temperature of my bedroom was already 27˚. Setting off in the car at 2.30pm meant the sun was blazing, all the tourists from Gauteng were on the road, and the taxis off to the beach were cutting us all up. The car park was strangely empty – mad dogs and Englishmen anybody? Off I ‘jogged’ and by the time I had got to the end of Signal Hill I’d stopped twice, but at least I didn’t vomit in front of the tourists, I actually noticed at one point that I was walking on the downhill stretches. The thought of running a double marathon and then another 7km was as remote this afternoon as me having another drink, well almost.

Running notes
Route: Kloof Nek car park to the end of Signal Hill and back
Height climbed: 130m
Time started: 12:44
Total time: 51:53
Total distance: 7.78km
Average pace: 6:39 min/km
Weather conditions: Sunny
Temperature: 30˚
Runner’s condition: Hungover
Song of the run: Walk this Way: Run DMC