Back to the gym

Sadly my card still worked despite not having been to Wembley Square in oh, about 6 weeks. The gym was roasting. I’d actually faffed round the flat for nearly an hour and a half after work waiting for the gym to empty out and hoping that it would get cooler. If anyone has been to Wembley Square you’ll know it has a metal roof (which blew off on 14th December – classic Faircape construction!) and Virgin Active has a rubbish air con system.  It never fails to amaze me that the vents are positioned just behind the running machines, you can see them, you just can’t feel them. So yep, I sweated buckets. The evil plan said 20 mins easy either side of 9 hill repeats of 2 minutes each, it didn’t say whether I got a break between – I was pretty generous with a minute because it was either that or cardiac arrest.

Running notes
Route: Gym
Height climbed: 9 x 2 minute hill repeats (3 at 5 incline 10 speed, 3 at 5 incline 9 speed and 3 at 5 incline 8.5 speed)
Time started: 18:49
Total time: 1:08:39
Total distance: 11:39km
Average pace: 6:01 min/km
Temperature: Outside 37˚ (inside Wembley Square probably 45˚)
Runner’s condition: Tired
Runner’s weight: 72.6kg (4kg heavier than last time I looked)
Song of the run: Love in the First Degree: Bananarama


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