Oh…please…grrph…grulp…garff… Yep, I had to stop twice on the way up and over Kloof Nek this morning. I would like to think that this was because I’d nailed my fastest ever 8km time trial yesterday, followed with 80 lunges, lat pull downs, triceps and heel dips for dessert and then back on the treadmill for a 40 minute warm down. But my honest self will admit that this latest bout of slacking was due to the bottle of local rosé I swigged at last night’s bookclub (I was damn thirsty – see above).

Running notes
Route: My flat via Buitengracht to Kloof Nek over the top and down to Camps Bay
Height climbed: 350m
Time started: 06:14
Total time: 1:20:56
Total distance: 12.63km
Average pace: 6:24 min/km
Weather conditions: Fresh breeze with sun
Temperature: 18˚
Runner’s condition: Dry mouth
Song of the run: A Ha: Take on Me


Third race: Kloof Nek Classic 21km

This is the second time I’ve had the pleasure of entertaining myself by running up some of the biggest hills in Cape Town for fun. As I hauled myself out of bed at 4:45am I couldn’t wait to pound up 500m of mountain, luckily the South Easter wasn’t pumping because otherwise this little jog would have been hideous. To be honest I’m not a fan of half marathons. Why? Because you don’t need to train, have a race plan, pacing or tactics because all you have to do is roll out of bed and run as hard and fast as possible for two hours. I don’t have much time for ‘fun runners’ with their temporary licenses, sticking their elbows out and tendency to stop dead in front of you – there you go, I’ve said it. I suppose I’m a bit of a snob because I’d always rather run a marathon with ‘proper’ runners that know the etiquette and are consistently stupid on Sunday mornings.

Race notes
Route: Start Camps Bay High School, up The Glen to Kloof Nek, turn right onto Tafelberg Road, turn back to Kloof Nek, Climb Signal Hill and try not to fall as you fly back down to the school
Height climbed: 500m
Time started: 06:00
Total time: 2:05:42
Total distance: 21.1km
Average pace: 5:55 min/km
Weather conditions: Sunny with slight wind
Temperature: 27˚
Runner’s condition: Stiff


When is this going to get better?

What a lovely run on last night’s diet of beer, wine, gin and tonic and pizza. Sheer hell, but at least I didn’t stop on the hill.

Running notes
Route: My flat on Buitenkant Street to the tap at Kloof Nek and back
Height climbed: 200m
Time started: 08:07
Total time: 50:44
Total distance: 8.71km
Average pace: 5:49 min/km
Weather conditions: Cloudy with light drizzle
Temperature: 20˚
Runner’s condition: Poor
Song of the run: Heart of Glass – Blondie