Gah! too much mileage

I always think mileage is such a strange word to use when referring to kilometres. Anyway, I added up my totals this morning and I’m already sitting on 748km. Damn. I didn’t want to go much over 1000km from 1 January. So I did a bit of creative accounting with the calculator and I think I’ve worked it out. I’m going to push my last ‘big’ week out to next week and do 55km this week. Follow the 80km with a 40km, then two weeks of 60km around Oceans and then taper 40, 30, 20, 10km in the last week. That will give me 1150km ish altogether. Yes it’s a bit more than I would like but it’s a hell of a lot less than the 1361km I did on the first down run in 2010 and the 1281km on the up. I just want to get to the start line awake.

So tonight Kirsty and I were joined on Tafelberg by Salvatore who knows everything about everything and always makes our evening run more interesting. Given that we have 61 days to race day, our conversation is now focussed on what we have or more likely haven’t done. Salv is a Comrades veteran and multiple Ironman finisher so he knows a thing or two about endurance racing and also patiently listened to us drone on for more than an hour 🙂

Running Notes:
Route: Cable station – End of Tafelberg Road – Cable Station
Distance: 10km


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