Race No.5: Tygerberg (30km)

Didn’t sleep well at all last night. The coffee shop (bar) over the road decided on another event with live music and even my earplugs couldn’t keep out the lyrics and the raucous laughter from the patrons out on the street. Grump. Swung my legs out of bed at 4am which gave me 50 minutes of faffing around before I needed to get in the car and drive the 20km to Parow Athletics Track. Was still in a daze when I arrived, woke up though when it started raining at the start line. Groans were audible over the announcer as the rain got heavier. Luckily we only had to put up with it for about 7km.

Can’t say I like this race much. Last time I did it was in 2008, and if I recall it was the first time I went under 3 hours on a 30km. The hills are vicious on the clockwise route that takes you out under the N1 and up into the Durbanville wine route. Long slow uphill pulls on the road between vineyards and then undulating hills into the northern suburbs. Once you hit the houses proper there are some nasty short sharp climbs and drops which are swear worthy. The best part of the race is the steep descent back under the N1 and the flat finish, but by this time your legs are really ****ed.

Glad to see the back of this one, but I was pleased with a 2:37:20 finish given the elevation and route profile.

Running notes:
Route: Parow Athletics Track – Bloemendal vineyard – Jip de Jaeger – Parow Athletics Track
Distance: 30km
Time: 2:37:20



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