PT Training No.16: Bleep Test

It’s not that busy in the gym at 2pm, so Justin set out the cones at the required 20m distance and then asked the other trainers who wanted to ‘have a go’. Most of them laughed and then declined (I’d had a week’s notice to get used to the idea). Two joined me, the rest formed an audience. I think the last time I’d done this was in the school hall at age 12 and I didn’t like it then either. Off we set and I was pleased that one of the guys dropped out at 9:5, the other kept going to about 13:5. I cracked 12:2 (average for females in my age bracket 6:10) which puts me, according to Wikipedia, just under the entry requirement for P Company and the Royal Marines. Going for 13 next time, but I’ll pick a week where I haven’t raced 30km two days before.

Training notes:
360 Training


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