A very long walk with a little bit of running

The sweat dripping down my back this morning was not because of the exertion, but entirely due to the serious and extraordinarily large intake of beer last night. I’d gone out to meet a friend at the local for a ‘quick drink’ that saw me leaving approximately 4 hours later. Today, the living hell of a nauseous stomach was compounded by a hot day. This meant I could hardly run up the hills, let along down them without stabbing pains. You can see why I walked… oh well at least I got out.

Running notes
Route: My flat to Klook Nek via Buitengracht to the end of Signal Hill and back the same way I’d come
Height climbed: 300m
Time started: 10:41
Total time: 2:11
Total distance: 16km
Temperature: 26˚
Runner’s condition: Nasty


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