30km ‘training run’ with a bunch of people that are much faster than me

I had a great view of their backs up Chapman’s Peak this morning. Nothing like being the last man on a mega hill. Sue, Caroline and Robert are all seriously experienced hill/trail runners so I did have to suck it up and try to keep the distance between them and me as small as possible. At one point Robert was a small pin prick in front of me on the hairpin bends, so the gap was a bit on the large side. Still I’m pretty good on the downhills and beat them all back to the Chapman’s Peak Hotel. Nothing like a bit of competition eh?

Running notes
Route: Chapman’s Peak Hotel via Chapman’s Peak Drive to Noordhoek, loop in Noordhoek and back
Height climbed: 400m
Time started: 06:03
Total time: 2:50 with about 20 mins break for drinks etc
Total distance: 29.7km
Temperature: 24˚
Runner’s condition: Fine despite having to get up at 4:45am


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