No excuses I suck

I tried to take a half day in lieu of the Joburg trip which involved sleep deprivation, and an average working day of 17 hours on Monday, Tuesday and most of Wednesday (welcome to the world of the creative pitch). When I made the fatal mistake of just ‘quickly’ checking my emails on the way out for my 8km time trial and 40 minute jog. Well, after three crisis telephone calls, and much stroking of design feathers I got out at 11.30am, and went to the reservoir to run laps which was my intention two hours earlier. Oh hell it was hot (had I left my brain in Joburg as well?) I had to get back in the car after two laps of said reservoir because I couldn’t see through the sweat which was stinging my poor dehydrated eyes and drive to the gym. Nightmare. This welcome but irritating break clearly skewed my results (which I am still pretending I could have done by myself) and by the time I finished I was in such a huff I didn’t even bother with the other 40 minutes.

Running notes
Route: Reservoir and gym
Height climbed: Flat
Time started: 05:05
Total distance: 8km
8km time trial: 39: 58
8km average pace: 4:59 min/km
Temperature: 32˚ (probably less, but it certainly felt like it)
Runner’s condition: Dessicated from evil Joburg flights
Song of the run: You’re S*@” and You Know You Are. Okay I don’t have this football chant on my ipod, but it would have been fitting.


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