Thin air and weaver birds

This morning I woke up at 1753m above sea level. Yes, I’m in Joburg this week lucky me. In fact I consider myself even luckier that I had the chance to run through Fourways for an hour and a half at 6.30am dodging the worst rush hour traffic in the world. Those ‘poor’ peeps in their Lexus Hybrids certainly weren’t going anywhere fast on William Nichol this morning.

I was surprised (between gasps for breath, and the onset of altitude sickness) to see a bit of wildlife in this city of 10 million souls. Wafting above the sprinklers and perfectly manicured lawns which are concealed behind concrete walls and electrified fences (strong enough to keep an elephant out and the rich egos in) was a clutch of weaver bird nests. I love weaver birds.

Running notes
Route: Fourways – have no idea where I started or where I went
Height climbed: 30m
Time started: 06:23
Total time: 1:30:27
Total distance: 15km ish (Nike+ had no juice)
Average pace: 6:00 min/km ish
Weather conditions: Warm and humid
Temperature: 25˚
Runner’s condition: Suffocating


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