Fatal flaw with Nike+

Today’s sad story went something like this… Dave: ‘One hundred meeeeders to go’, me (heart pounding, fingers scrabbling in shorts pocket for iPod) ‘huff-huff’… Dave ‘Congraduaaalations you have completed eight kilomeeeeders’… me (glancing at ipod and simultaneously ending the Nike+ session) ‘!!!!’… Me (in head) ‘Ooooh 25 seconds off doing my time trial in under 40 minutes, not bad’. I stop the treadmill (I check the ipod) I’m now on 8.04km and 40:59 minutes, yes, my sweaty pinkies hadn’t pressed the damn button properly and now I’d cocked up the recording of my best ever time trial. *@#*.

Running notes
Route: Gym
Height climbed: Flat
Time started: 05:05
Total time: 1:20:59
Total distance: 15:01km
8.04km time trial: 40:59
8km average pace: 5:05 min/km
Temperature: 26˚ (inside Wembley Square 31˚)
Runner’s condition: Fine
Song of the run: Salt & Pepper: Push It


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