Fatal flaw with Nike+

Today’s sad story went something like this… Dave: ‘One hundred meeeeders to go’, me (heart pounding, fingers scrabbling in shorts pocket for iPod) ‘huff-huff’… Dave ‘Congraduaaalations you have completed eight kilomeeeeders’… me (glancing at ipod and simultaneously ending the Nike+ session) ‘!!!!’… Me (in head) ‘Ooooh 25 seconds off doing my time trial in under 40 minutes, not bad’. I stop the treadmill (I check the ipod) I’m now on 8.04km and 40:59 minutes, yes, my sweaty pinkies hadn’t pressed the damn button properly and now I’d cocked up the recording of my best ever time trial. *@#*.

Running notes
Route: Gym
Height climbed: Flat
Time started: 05:05
Total time: 1:20:59
Total distance: 15:01km
8.04km time trial: 40:59
8km average pace: 5:05 min/km
Temperature: 26˚ (inside Wembley Square 31˚)
Runner’s condition: Fine
Song of the run: Salt & Pepper: Push It


Me and Dave

On my 10th lap of the reservoir this morning I considered why my trusty Nikes were getting heavier and slower, probably because of those hill repeats last night which I calculated was less than 12 hours earlier, had to walk twice. The slackness was accompanied by groaning, sighing and the general bitching from the voices in my head. All this was drowned out by the other voice on my Nike+ ‘two kilometres to go’ or rather ‘two keelomeders to gooo’ (thats Americans for you). I like to call him Dave. I’d like to think of Dave as some hot little bod in fancy sunglasses pounding the California Hills. Working in the digital industry I know the reality is probably different. He’s likely to be some poor soul that coded the application in a cubicle somewhere in the dark depths of dungeon in the development house Nike outsourced to. He’s probably never seen the sun let alone a pair of running shoes. So thats why I call him Dave rather than Brad or Nicky, he’s just not that lucky. Oh yes, the ducklings have got a bit fatter since I saw them last week, but the Mum still gives me evils.

Running notes
Route: Lower Buitenkant Street, Bree Street to the reservoir 10 laps and then back the same way
Height climbed: 60m
Time started: 06:14
Total time: 1:23:31
Total distance: 14.48km
8km time trial: 46:20
8km average pace: 5:46 min/km
Weather conditions: Cloudy
Temperature: 22˚
Runner’s condition: Knackered (though most impressed I didn’t touch the booze at bookclub last night)
Song of the run: Tainted Love: Soft Cell