This week’s time trial

I very nearly cried. In fact I had to choke back the tears on the treadmill.

Running notes
Route: 10 laps round the reservoir drive to the gym and then run another 40 minutes
Height climbed: Flat
Time started: 06:16
Total time: 1:22:17
Total distance: 15:03km
8km time trial: 42:15
8km average pace: 5:16 min/km
Weather conditions: Cloudy strong South Easter
Temperature: 20˚
Runner’s condition: Fine
Song of the run: Dolly Parton: 9 to 5


Hungover again

This morning, according to my plan, I was in for an 8km time trial (with 20 mins easy either side). What a lovely birthday present. I swung the pins over the edge of the bed at 5:30am and contemplated my running shoes. The cat is motionless, blinking at me. Not because I’d switched the light on (its summer here) but because of the shock of me waking her up.

Slogged up to the reservoir which was no where near 20 minutes and started the circuits. This is a run that I’ve not done for a while and is stunning. Table Mountain is reflected on the water on one side, you can see the sun gradually lighting up Lions Head on each circuit and you get a great view of the city towards one corner. The tarmac around the reservoir is in a terrible state all cracked and uneven, but thats probably good for ankle strengthening. 8km = 10 laps which involved nearly being attacked by an Eygptian goose (protecting her bubbas) and overtaken by a yummy mummy and a fancy tricycle baby contraption, as I pondered this embarrassment I could guarantee she had not packed away as much booze as I had last night. My friend Mike says ‘running keeps you honest’, but I prefer Chris’s sentiment ‘I’m a drinker with a running problem’.

Running notes
Route: Lower Buitenkant Street, Upper Orange Street to the reservoir 12 laps and then back
Height climbed: 60m
Time started: 06:03
Total time: 1:15:30
Total distance: 13.05km
8km time trial: 45:30
8km average pace: 5:40 min/km
Weather conditions: Fresh and sunny
Temperature: 22˚
Runner’s condition: Mildly hungover
Song of the run: Smooth Criminal – Michael Jackson