The day before the day

Seems like this week has taken a long time to get to Saturday. Tomorrow is the Comrades and it looks like we’ll have very light breezes and a 31˚ high at midday. That’s about 6˚ warmer than I was hoping for, but I’ve made the heat part of my race plan. I wrote myself a list of what to prepare for on the route last night, where the hills are, what to look for and the temperatures every 10km. I’ll read it again before bed tonight.

Went out for a 15 minute jog this morning to test that everything is functioning okay and it is. Obviously 2km isn’t much of a test but I’m not going to overdo it now. I’m also going to scale back on the breakfast this morning, just my Weetbix and toast, then I’m off to Pietermaritzburg.

If you want to track me tomorrow text my race number 49268 to 39174 (South African phones only).

I’ll endeavour to type my race report tomorrow evening, in the meantime take a look at my previous runs here:

> Comrades Marathon 2011 (up)
> Comrades Marathon 2010 (down)

I’ll see you in Durban tomorrow night.


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