The breakfast of champions

I’ve just stuffed myself at the guesthouse where I’m staying in Morningside, Durban. Might have to have a lay down:

6 x Weetbix, milk and sugar
1 banana
3 scrambled eggs
4 baby tomatoes
3 rashers of bacon
1 sausage
1 decorative rocket leaf
2 slices of brown toast, butter and marmalade
1 glass of salt water

Carbo loading or eating anything your eyes land on sounds like fun until you actually have to do it. Sometime in the next 10 hours I also need to eat the following:

1 dinner sized portion of pasta for lunch
1 sandwich or some other bread based thing
1 bag of crisps
2 bananas
2 glasses of salt water*
2 Energades
2 Jungle Oats bars

Yes I feel disgusting. If you aren’t full to bursting constantly for the next 48 hours then eat more. Nobody failed to finish the Comrades Marathon because they ate too much, but many people bail because they haven’t eaten anywhere close to enough. Carpenter’s Rule: See it, eat it (that means on the race too).

*Takes practice and combats muscle cramps



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