Control the controllables

I’m reading this awesome book on ultra endurance psychology at the moment. With a week to go to the big day, there are quite a few nuggets in there that are definitely helping me focus and prepare. ‘Controlling the controllables’ is a good one. For instance, the weather on race day is outside of my control, but the way I approach it is not. I can control my mood and my own positive reinforcement (self talk) during the hours out on the road. For me the Comrades Marathon is 50% training and 100% mental strength. One of my rules on ultras is that I will never ever admit to having a bad day whilst I am out on the course, I might say it afterwards, but when I am out there I tell myself I am ‘looking good’ whatever happens. Once doesn’t help, a hundred times generally does the trick.

Running notes:
Distance: 2.5km
Route: Gym


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