5km Park Run

I checked this blog for my training notes in the last week prior to the race in 2011 and I see that I didn’t run for 10 days before the race. I ran this morning and I’m also planning a short run tomorrow which means I will only have 6 clear days before the start. I was intending to do a short run on Wednesday and a 15 minute leg stretch on Saturday, but I think I’m going to ditch the Wednesday run. It was damp and misty this morning in Green Point at the Park Run but there was a good size crowd and I’m hoping to run this for a few Saturdays post race. The site sent me a congratulatory email on my first Park Run and recorded my slow 29 minute 5km as a PB 🙂

Running notes:
Route: Green Point Athletics Stadium – Somerset Road – Green Point Park – Green Point Athletics Stadium
Distance: 5km


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