PT Session No.20: 13:4 on my bleep test!

Second attempt this afternoon, ran it again with a trainer and another female client who was power lifting when I got there (yes, seriously). Both of them dropped out before me, one with shin splints (ouch) and the other because she had weird flat shoes on. Good for getting your feet to stick to the floor when you are lifting 100kg+ above your head, not so great for sprinting. I do have an unfair advantage in the fact that I imagine neither runs more than 20km a week. I was stoked to have beaten my score from last time (12:2) but I suspect it was the technique on the turn rather than any improved lung capacity.

The 25 year old trainer I’d run with high-fived me later, ‘well done’ she said. I’d like to think that was because she thought I was genuinely impressive at the test and not because I’m an ancient 37 year old.

Training notes:
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