Blood and guts!

Last week my sister sent me this – perfect for today’s entry:
Today’s motto: Even if you fall on your face you’re still moving forward

I fell on my face this morning in spectacular fashion – two cars even stopped to check I was alright. I usually fall maybe once a year in training when I get tired, but today’s was probably the best one yet. I don’t even know what I tripped on but I was running fast downhill on Camps Bay Drive and the momentum combined with my lack of concentration due to a hangover and not much sleep meant I left quite a bit of flesh on the footpath and gained quite a bit of grit in my arm. By the time I’d rolled over and checked my legs (an injury now could literally put me out of the race) and then my nail polish (manicure yesterday) blood was running down my arm. I even entertained the thought of turning back for about  half a second until I realised I’d already run 6km so I might as well finish the 21km I’d set out to do. And now I’ve got the biggest dressing to show everyone tomorrow at work!

Running notes:
Route: My house – Kloof Nek – Camps Bay Drive to 7/11 – Kloof Nek – Signal Hill – Kloof Nek – My house
Distance: 21km


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