PT Session No.8: Oooh dance quads dance!

So I’m looking down and my legs are wobbling, wobble, wobble, jiggy, jiggy, jig all by themselves. Not a pretty sight. My back is squished into a gym ball which is at waist height on the wall, knees bent at right angles, 12kg kettle bell in each hand, sweat dripping into my eyes. Justin: ‘Hold it there, 45 seconds, three sets’, Me: (the sound of my breath through clenched teeth) ‘grshush, arghshush, ergshush’ oh how it burns. Justin: ‘Deeper’, I drop a fraction of a millimetre, Justin: ‘Here hold this’, he says as he balances a broomstick horizontally across my lap, ‘don’t drop it’. Me (in my head): Oh you *%@#!*. No sign of the 8kg kettle bells today. Just a solid hour of lifting more than a third of my body weight. Barely had the strength to dress myself afterwards.

360 Training


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