Saturday morning run

After 77km two weeks ago, I dropped the mileage down to 63km and now I want to nail 80km this week. It is going to be tough based on how tired I feel, and I’ll need to do a big weekend if I want to get close to it. Today I set off for a 20km club run from Camps Bay. Thought I’d just shuffle up to Suikerbossie and back down, take it easy. Sadly the only other person that wanted to do 20km was Shen who is one of our fastest male half marathoners and he’d already done 12km before he showed up at the Vida meeting point. OMFG. Oh yes and I had a hangover, and it was so humid I sweated out 6 beers and every other drop of moisture in my body.

Running Notes:
Route: Camps Bay – Twelve Apostles Hotel – Suikerbossie – 1km down the other side – Suikerbossie – Twelve Apostles Hotel – Camps Bay 
Distance: 20km


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