The Southeaster gave me a beating

I thought last Monday was bad. I’d been watching the tablecloth from my office window all day, and it was looking spectacularly violent by 4pm. The lamp posts on the highway were bending by the time I left at 6pm. After I’d done 3km on Tafelberg Road I was considering turning around due to the fact I couldn’t see. The blasts of gale force winds are vicious enough to squash your eyeballs to the point you lose your vision for a split second, which isn’t comforting when you are running on the side of a mountain. Of course I carried on, and it ‘stopped’ a bit under Devils Peak. I did have the pleasure of of being slammed again on the 3km back to the car.

Running Notes:
Route: Kloof Nek – Cable station – End of Tafelberg Road – Cable Station – Kloof Nek
Distance: 12km


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