30km training run with ‘the voice’

By myself, we’ll sort of because the voice is back. I don’t think I’ve mentioned ‘him’ before but he is always there when I’m feeling a bit crap. He joined me as a small voice at 2km when the exhaustion of the last week of training and a particularly trying 60 hour week culminated in me walking a step or two. ‘Is this all you’ve got? Is that seriously the best you can do at 2km? Tell me how you’re feeling at 75km, because that’s tired, that’s exhausted. Now crack on.’ Right then I will. Oh, and I did inhale two packets of jelly babies so we both felt a bit better after that.

Running notes:
Route: My house – Kloof Nek – Camps Bay drive – Twelve Apostles Hotel – Camps Bay – Kloof Road –Kloof Nek – Signal Hill – My house
Distance: 30km
Time: 3:30


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