I decided to let myself off the climb up to the Cable Station this evening, so I hovered in the car park waiting to see if anyone else would show up on the Easter public holiday after Oceans. They didn’t. And it had rained this afternoon. Useless. I drove up to the cable station, parked and had a look at the low clouds, it looked like it would hold for the hour I needed to do the 10km.

Surprisingly I felt fresh and fast tonight and didn’t stop at the points we usually do. That could have been because it was dark, cold, the mist was in and I was a touch scared. Bit stupid really considering the last two cars on the mountain passed me on my way back. My devil-may-care attitude might bite me soon.

Running notes
Route: Lower Cable Station to the turn at the end of the tarmac on Tafelberg Road and back
Time started: 18:00
Total time: 50 minutes
Total distance: 1okm
Weather conditions: Cold
Temperature: 7˚
Runner’s condition: Fine


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