Do you not learn?

So the 3:30 marathoners suggested I join them today for an easy 24km run. So I proceeded to enjoy a 2:25 hour run watching everybody’s back whilst I struggled to keep up and not cough up the remaining portions of my internal organs. I did, on the other hand, get in an early run so I could fall asleep in the running club meeting I was forced to attend at 12.

Running notes
Route: God knows. We started in a car park, ran through Claremont up to Constantia Nek via Kirstenbosch gate, down through Constantia and then to the car park.
Time started: 7am
Total time: 2:25
Total distance: 21km (it took them longer than expected as ‘they’ had to wait for my sorry arse)
Temperature: 17˚
Runner’s condition: It was dark for the first hour, but was treated to a stunning winter sunrise, and then it rained.


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