25km ‘easy’ training with people who run 3:30 marathons

As the title suggests this was neither easy, nor fun.

I was last again and struggled to keep up for most of the 3 hours we were out. The wind added to my black mood and the decision to run up Boyes Drive and away from where the cars were parked on the front at Muizenburg was quite frankly sadistic. Everyone took a dip in the sea whilst misery here brooded over a can of Coke. A week after my pathetic Peninsula and I still can’t run for $£@*.

Running notes
Route: Muizenburg beach car park down through Kalk Bay and Fishoek, to Sun Valley up Ou Kaapse Weg and right down through the golf course to Clovelly, back to Fishoek via climb up Boyes Drive.
Time started: 06:05
Total time: 2:50
Total distance: 25km
Temperature: 20˚
Runner’s condition: Dead


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