Everything hurts

And it hasn’t stop hurting all day. I felt more broken running 39km this morning than I did running 56km two weeks ago. How is this possible? I mean by now this should be ‘easy’ and whilst I’ll be tired at the end, I should feel pretty fresh. Today I could feel every sinew and muscle from my hips to my ankles, I could barely sit down. I suppose running for 4 hours with no Gu, a diet of 4 beers and pizza last night, as well as not completing a full week last week from injury laid the foundation for a terrible training run. Yep, you can’t just roll out of bed on a Saturday morning, lace up the shoes and then expect your body to run (almost) a marathon. Rubbish in, rubbish out.

Running notes
Route: Sea Point pool to Greenpoint, up Buitengracht to Kloof Nek. Kloof Nek to the end of the tar on Tafelberg Road, back to Kloof Nek, up and back along Signal Hill, back to Kloof Nek, down Camps Bay drive through Camps Bay, Clifton and back to the pool.
Height climbed: 480m
Time started: 06:00
Total time: 4:20
Total distance: 39km
Temperature: 15˚
Runner’s condition: Foot still purple


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