Blood on the tarmac

Yes I stacked it on Chapman’s Peak Drive this morning. Went down like a ten ton sack of spuds. Bam. Those sodding cat’s eyes. This is the second time I’ve ‘gone for a burton’ in 6 months. The last time was in Hout Bay right in front of the traffic which must have made someone snigger. That time I was running with Chris and I don’t think he knew whether to laugh first or try and scrape me up. Today was classic, I couldn’t actually get my right hand out fast enough so now I sit here typing with two fingers taped together and an array of plasters covering the palms of my left hand which underneath looks like I had a fight with a cheese grater, and my shoulder also got a piece of the action. ‘Don’t you think you should put some sun screen on that’ Wiebke said pointing to the area of raw meat, on Camps Bay beach this afternoon ‘Why?’ I replied ‘you actually need skin to burn it’.

Running notes
Route: Car park opposite The Chapman’s Peak Hotel to the farmstall in Noordhoek and back
Height climbed: 380m
Time started: 08:15
Total time: 2:30:17
Total distance: 22km (Not measured with Nike+ as I forgot it. Again)
Weather conditions: Sunny with wind
Temperature: 24˚
Runner’s condition: Hungover from a bender at Brewers & Union