2km in the gym before the Two Oceans expo

The last few years I’ve always liked to get a couple of slow km in the day before Oceans. Stops you getting twitchy and helps you focus on the challenge ahead. Had a bit of a stretch and then it was down to the expo to get my race numbers. I’m planning to run a slow time tomorrow – just under 6 hours, I’ll add in plenty of walks to practice for Comrades and I’ll have time to stop and chat to friends at the side of the road. It’s going to be really hard to stick to the plan given that my 10km splits tomorrow need to be no faster than 1:03 which is about 13 minutes slower than I was running last year (PB 2013 5:18:36) and nearly 18 minutes slower than the 10km PB I set two weeks ago. It will be a good test of discipline to stay slow and comfortable and not shoot off with the rest of my C seeding batch. An excellent finish tomorrow will be crossing the line at 5:55, feeling amazing and ready to run further.

Running notes:
Route: Treadmill in the gym
Distance: 2km


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