The second week of pain begins today

About 8 weeks ago I did my ‘killer volume’ 100km week, now (with approximately 8 weeks to go) I’m on the ‘killer intensity’ week. What’s that? Well, its about 80km made entirely of sprints, fartleks, tempo runs and strides. Today I was just going to do the only 10km on the plan that doesn’t require some gut-busting, cough-up-a-lung-effort, but the Camps Bay group dragged me 2km further, we were running quite comfortably so I don’t think it mattered too much. I’ve got the Spar Ladies 10km tomorrow (which will count nicely towards the speed week) and then I’ll have to add on another 12km after the race.

Running notes:
Route: Camps Bay Vida – Twelve Apostles Hotel – 1.5km further out – Twelve Apostles Hotel – Camps Bay Vida
Distance: 12km


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