Time Trial No.5: Down again by 29 seconds

Wasn’t expecting to even go under 23 today, I’d have been happy with slipping under 24. Last week I had a hideous cold, this week I’ve felt really out of sorts and a bit down, both at work and privately, so when I showed up tonight, I thought I’d just do my best. At the halfway point I felt like I was plodding so I only glanced at my watch and just carried on, can’t say I was even out of my time trial comfort zone. When I checked my time at the lighthouse I was under 20 which I knew was quite fast, but maintained pace and came in at 22:18. If it wasn’t for my headspace I’d probably be excited about this. I imagine the rest on Sunday contributed.

Running notes:
Route: Wakame – turn around point – Wakame
Distance: 5km plus a 1km warm up
Time: 22:18



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