The 100km ‘killer week’ starts this morning

With a 3km run, just as well because I’ve got a hangover. Peninsula Marathon is tomorrow and then I run every day, two of those days twice. I’ve never run doubles and I’m going to need balls of steel to make it out alive.

I tore a page out of Runner’s World a couple of months ago and its been hanging around my flat for a while. The article suggests that ‘short bouts of ramped-up volume and intensity, or ‘killer weeks’, push your body into a state of functional overreaching that stimulates big jumps in fitness’. That looked enticing then, not so sure now. A 100km week at my level is tricky as I need to make sure I don’t injure myself. It also says to include it 16 weeks out from race day which allows enough time to recover from the madness (or ‘functional overreaching’). The article helpfully included a plan of pain which I slightly amended to include the marathon tomorrow. If I don’t have the strength or brain power to type by the end of the week, you’ll know why. 3km done / 97km to go.

Running Notes:
Gym treadmill
Distance: 3km


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