Penultimate run in London. In honour of this milestone I thought I’d write the following in my South London ‘estuary’ accent

So ah’ve don abaaht 15 runs on the exact same bleedin’ route in the laahst free weeks and blimey its boring. All the same, nuffink different, nah chinas to run wiv, all on me tod. Same ald pavements, same ald people starin’ an havin’ a butchers daan the ‘ighstreet like they aint never seen nobody exercising before. And oh the ‘orror of finking that I’m gonna be more than a little bit pony when I git back. And faak me its taters.

Running Notes:
Route: Mum’s ‘ouse – Shooter’s ‘ill – Mum’s ‘ouse
Distance: 12km


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