T-20 hours

As with my pre-race posts last year, I thought I’d do another countdown.

So this morning I decided to have a lie in, which didn’t really work with housekeeping knocking on my door at 8am. I’m staying at the Road Lodge in Durban, and I have a spectacular view of the McDonalds car park and the Mercedes Garage.

So today I’m going to hang out in my room with my race kit and supplies. So far I’ve eaten four Weetbix with milk and sugar, banana, chocolate bar, half an energade and a glass of salt water for breakfast.

Some of the other AAC runners went out for a jog this morning and have now piled in a car to take a look at the route. ‘Don’t you want to come with us?’, they said. Not a chance, I’m resting my legs, and to be honest reading the final instructions this morning was scary enough, and I’m sure as hell not going to put myself through the agony of knowing where the hills are in advance. I did that last year and it didn’t help, your dehydrated brain doesn’t know what day it is after 70km, let alone remembering what the route looks like. Right what else can I eat?


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