So that is it: A twenty minute run finishes 1281km and five months of training

Its all over. A 4km tempo run finished my Comrades Marathon training this morning. I ran it faster than race pace on purpose, just to feel like I did something, but no, it still felt like a let down. Its all the more depressing knowing that I’ll break myself so badly I won’t be able to run like this for close to three months after the race.

The guys at work ask ‘are you feeling nervous now you know what to expect?’ – yes and no… Is it possible to feel numb and terrified at the same time? Quite frankly after staring the beast in the eye for the first time last year, going back there again is insanity. As a novice the last 30km is a big blank, you’ve heard the war stories, but you say ‘lets see what happens when we get there’, I’ve been there and I can tell you its not pleasant. OMFG. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

Running notes
Route: My house up through De Waal Park, down Government Avenue and back home.
Time started: 7:30
Total time: 20 minutes
Total distance: 4.5km
Weather conditions: Cool
Temperature: 15˚
Runner’s condition: Shitting herself


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