Tapering makes you feel fat, sluggish and unfit

Fact. Anyway too late now. I’ve rested more since Oceans than I did last year, so I’m feeling ready, but I’m feeling less fit. Going from 90-100km a week to less than 30km means that I’m naturally picking up weight, which means I feel heavier when I start a run, and they feel harder to do. This is the time when its easy to go and do something stupid like not stick to the plan. Just do an extra run here or there, make yourself feel a bit better, push a bit harder and then #¢%* up the race. Focus, focus, focus.

Running notes
Route: Kloof Nek car park to the end of Signal Hill and back
Time started: 9:30
Total time: 45 minutes
Total distance: 7km
Weather conditions: Cool and sunny
Temperature: 16˚
Runner’s condition: Fine


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