Smashed 100km this week and my knee

Last run of the week this morning, so I thought I’d tack on an extra 45 minutes and pocket 100km for the first time ever. I also collected my first face plant of the season. More spectacular falls here and here.

I hadn’t got more than about 150m from the front door when I tripped and fell. I’ve stumbled a few times this week, usually in the dark and usually because I’m so bloody knackered. I also always manage to find busy roads to do this on and this morning picked the junction of Hope and Roeland Street.

This time as I was making the transition from vertical to horizontal, I gazed at the oncoming headlamps and all I could think of was ‘please god, not the legs’ instead of ‘please god, don’t let me die’. (You know you have a running problem when the possibility of a twisted ankle is worse than a road traffic accident). I skidded along the tarmac, ripping my shorts, scuffing my knees, elbows and palms, but once I’d picked myself up and inspected the injured flesh there was miraculously no blood. All a bit disappointing as I had nothing to show the peeps in the office when I got in.

Running notes
Route: My house to the reservoir quick loop and back to Keizersgracht Street for the 40 mins fartlek session and back
Time started: 06:45
Total time: 1:10 mins
Total distance: 11km
Weather conditions: Mild
Runner’s condition: Lacking attention and now my knee hurts


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