3 hour training run

I’m %$£@ing tired of this now. A 30km race yesterday and pretty much the same distance this morning, by the time I get home its lunchtime and half the day is gone – not to mention I can’t %$£@ing do anything today because I too tired to move.

I wore my race shoes out again today, because yesterday they rubbed my little toes. Seriously? I don’t have time for this before Comrades, and now I’ve got another worry I don’t need. I thought that I might have inadvertently bought the wrong size as I got them in New York, but no they are the same as my battered Nikes (same model different look). This morning I re-laced them and tried taping the small toe, leaving the other foot untaped as a control. After inspection the tape had moved so its not going to work. I’ll try again next week taping two toes together. I’ve done over 100km in them which is all I planned before race day (so as to keep the cushioning) and now I’m going to have to make a decision – wear them in more or buy a new pair. If I go with the second option I need enough time to wear those in which I probably don’t have. Crap.

Its Argus day today and the cyclists are out and about. My route took me through Camps Bay which is relatively close to the finish in Greenpoint. As the pelotons swooshed past, I wondered what it must be like to freewheel down hills and not have the sodding chafing that I have to put up with. Lucky buggers with their skin tight lycra, drinks on hand and road bikes that cost more than my car*.

Running notes
Route: My flat to Kloof Nek, down the Glen, left through Camps Bay, back up Camps Bay Drive to the Nek, out and back along Signal Hill and back to Chez Moi
Time started: 08:55
Total time: 3:05 mins
Total distance: 25km and yes I did walk a bit
Weather conditions: Slight breeze and sunny

*1979 Mini


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