Back to Cape Town and 60kmph winds

What is it with the sodding weather? I go from freezing to being blown about the reservoir this evening – I actually had to hold my t-shirt down before the south easter ripped it off. Luckily nobody saw my wobbly bits because I was the last one in the park this evening. I managed to get thrown out by a security guard at 7pm, who tapped his wrist energetically – the universal hand signal to indicate that he was locking up – no point in speaking in this howling gale.

Running notes
Route: Very slow jog in De Waal park around the reservoir.
Time started: 18:35
Total time: 30 mins
Total distance: 5km
Temperature: 24˚
Runner’s condition: Tired from the London night flight, and not going to over exert myself before Sunday.


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