Oi oi!

I went out in shorts this morning despite the drizzle and freezing wind (because I hate running in leggings on long runs) and ended up getting hooted at. OMG – did he not realise I’m old enough to be his mother?

Running notes
Route: Out with my sister from the parents house through Welling, then by myself to Shooters Hill over the A2 and then to Blackheath and back
Time started: 8:45am
Total time: 1:55
Total distance: 18km
Temperature: 4˚
Runner’s condition: effing freezing (forgot the gloves)


One thought on “Oi oi!

  1. The Sister says:

    It really wasn’t that cold. What I objected to was having to go home at 10pm the night before in order to be booted out of bed at 8am to do said run. On a Sunday.

    Good to have you here Em, good luck with the run

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